Five-Axis Machining Center Provides Rigidity

Eastec 2019: Hurco’s BX40Ui five-axis CNC double-column machining center features an integrated trunnion table along the Y axis.


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Hurco’s BX40Ui five-axis CNC double-column machining center (distributed by Brooks Associates) features an integrated trunnion table along the Y axis. The ladder structure and double-column design are said to provide rigidity and support to the head casting. With an 18K motorized spindle and oversized linear guide rollers, the machine is useful for a range of applications.

The bridge structure is isolated from part weight for stable operation. Cutting feed rates are achieved with high-speed motion technology called UltiMotion, which simultaneously reduces cycle times by as much as 30 percent and delivers surface finish quality, according to the company. 

The table size measures 13.7" (348 mm) in diameter and can handle as much as 551 lbs (250 kg). The axis travels measure 37.4" × 21.6" × 19.7", with traverse speeds as fast as 1,535 ipm. The spindle motor features 47 hp (35 kW) and as much as 88 foot-pounds of torque at 2,800 rpm. The toolchanger can store as many as 30 tools simultaneously. 


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