Five-Axis Milling Machine for Aerospace, Defense


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The Mikron HEM 500U high-efficiency milling machine from GF AgieCharmilles offers high-performance five-axis capabilities designed for efficient, accurate cutting of aluminum, alloys and steel. The machining’s small footprint makes it well-suited for tight setup areas in job shops and production plants, and an accessible structure enables loading and unloading workpieces with a forklift rather than a crane.

The machining center features a dynamic 12,000-rpm, ISO-B40 spindle and a 30-tool magazine that provides a 2-sec. chip-to-chip time for high-speed continuous milling operations. A 20,000-rpm spindle and 60-tool toolchanger are also available as options.The trunnion table measures 19.7" (500 mm) in diameter and accommodates workpieces as heavy as 440 lbs (200 kg). The table tilts +50/-110 mm in the B axis and rotates 360 degrees in the C axis for 3+2 machining and five-side positioning. X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measure 19.7" × 17.7" × 15.7" (500 × 450 × 400 mm), respectively, and the distance between the rotary table surface and spindle nose measures 5.9" (150 mm). The C-frame structure also supports a cross-sledge for transversal X and Y movements. All three linear axes are located in a sturdy block that houses the B axis. The vertical Z movement containing the inline spindle mounts to the rigid Y-axis column.

The machine is equipped with a Heidehain iTNC 530 control for 3+2 axis machining. An integrated digital drive control with inverter enables highly accurate workpiece contours while machining at high velocity. Smart machining modules provide the advanced monitoring required for producing aerospace and defense workpieces, the company says.


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