5 Axis VMCs Run Lights-Out

IMTS 2018: Doosan Machine Tools’ DVF series of compact 5 axis machining centers is designed to cut diverse and complex shapes.


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Doosan Machine Tools’ DVF series of compact 5 axis machining centers is designed to cut diverse and complex shapes.

The DVF 5000 features an 18,000-rpm, integral 40 taper spindle. A FANUC 31iB5 CNC enables complete contouring capabilities. It also features a built-in rotary table measuring 500 mm in diameter (with a 630 mm option). Table supports are available to reduce table deflection and increase load capacity to 880 lbs. The rotary table is designed to reduce interference, improve usability and increase work efficiency. A 5-face version of the machine features a FANUC 0iMF CNC and a 12,000 rpm directly-coupled spindle.

The DVF 8000 incorporates many of the features of the DVF 5000, but its rotary table measures 800 mm in diameter and supports a maximum weight of 3,086 lbs.

Each machine comes with a 60-tool, servo-driven automatic tool changer that can be expanded to accommodate as many as 120 tools. An oil-cooled spindle controls heat to minimize thermal issues. The DVF series also incorporates roller LM guideways for speed and rigidity. The machines’ compact footprint enables installation where floor space is limited.

A range of options makes the VMCs suitable for unmanned machining. They come automation-ready and supplied with an optional/retrofittable automatic workpiece changer with as many as 12 pallets.

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