Five-Axis Workholding System Increases Setup Accuracy

IMTS 2018: Carr Lane’s CL5 five-axis workholding system features faster, more accurate fixturing setups. 

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Carr Lane’s CL5 five-axis workholding system enables faster, more accurate fixturing setups. The system consists of three components: a subplate, a riser and top tooling made up of a vise or a fixture plate.

The subplate transforms a T-slot table into a modular fixturing plate, increasing flexibility, easing clamping and simplifying the location of other tooling or fixtures. Every plate has built-in clamping and locating for risers, enabling quick and accurate setups.

Designed to get the part up from the machine table, the Quintus quick-change riser enables access to five sides of the part. The Quintus provides quick-change capability and promotes precise location. A range of either fixture plates or vises can be readily mounted on top of it. Several versions of fixture plates, vises and jaws are available.

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Carr Lane Manufacturing Co.

West, Level 3 & Annex, Booth 431663

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