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6/18/2019 | 1 MINUTE READ

FlexBeam's Open Design Provides Unrestricted Access

Originally titled 'Machining Center's Open Design Provides Unrestricted Access'
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FlexCNC’s Beam Line is a machining center for large or long parts, such as structural steel beams or cutting keyways, in a single set-up.

The FlexBeam from FlexCNC, a brand of FlexArm, is a machining center for milling large or long parts, such as structural steel beams or keyways, in a single setup. The FlexBeam can machine parts up to 40 ft. in length.

The long open bed has a moveable safety light curtain that one part to be loaded or offloaded while another is being machined. The company states that the open design provides unrestricted access, allowing for efficient loading and unloading.

The FlexBeam has a monoblock welded steel frame and a T-slot machine bed for high regidity. It features three-axis interpolation, scribing, automatic hydraulic workholding and automatic tool touch-off. Other features include a laser zero detector, an automatic toolchanger, a hand pendant and Ethernet connectivity.  

The standard unit runs on 480 V and includes mobile light-curtain safety barriers, frames with chip conveyors and T-slotted tables, flood coolant pump and tank, and an automatic tool calibrator. Durable and oversized double hung precision linear guideways to ensure smooth and accurate movement on all axes. All moving parts are self-lubricating on all axes and a programmable servo motor drives the spindle while a 10-compartment automatic tool change ensures capacity for various applications.

The FlexBeam’s control enables ISO G- and M-code programming for versatile three-axis CNC machining with an optional fourth axis.It is equipped with 40 GB of program storage, 50 programmable zero points, and programs can be loaded through USB or through an Ethernet connection.


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