Foba's Y.0200-S Laser Marker Meets High Production Demands


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Foba Y.0200-S laser marker

Foba Laser’s Y.0200-S laser marking device features a compact design for greater versatility. The system is said to be ideal for demanding production schedules, especially in the electronics and automotive supplies or metal and plastics processing industries. The Y.0200-S can keep pace with legal ID specifications and provide a high level of code contrast and durability, even on robust, high-density materials, the company says.

The 20-W fiber laser can be used with a 6-mm marking head for high speed or a 10-mm marking head for fine detail. The system can mark as fast as 1,300 characters per sec. with the 6-mm head or 1,000 characters per sec. with the 10-mm head. The marking head can be oriented between 0 and 90 degrees for reaching tight spaces.

The Y.0200-S is equipped with Foba Go touchscreen control software and an IP65-rated 10.1" color screen. The device can also be used via web browser. 


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