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Force, Torque Sensor for Industrial Robots Protected Against Dust, Spray


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ATI Industrial Automation’s Capacitive F/T Sensor for industrial robots, pressing force control, grinding, deburring and other applications is intended to be a low-cost option for measuring the six components of force and torque in the X, Y and Z axes. The sensor is IP65-rated for protection against dust and water spray, and hard mechanical stops provide overload protection. The sensor’s force range is 45 foot-pounds (200 N) and its torque range is 35 inch-pounds (4 Nm).

Output options include an Ethernet conversion box that enables connection to Ethernet networks and USB conversion cables that enable connection to a personal computer or other device. The box is powered by the USB output and RS-422 serial connection, which provides unterminated wires for data signals and user 5 VDC power input.

The company also offers a range of custom and standard silicon strain gage-based sensor models from 17 to 330 mm. All of ATI’s F/T sensors feature a compact design, hardened stainless steel construction, high-speed output, overload protection, span temperature compensation options and high signal-to-noise ratio.  


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