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Four-Axis CNC Controller


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The Turbo Clipper Power Stack combines the intelligence and capability of the Clipper multi-axis controller with a four-axis, low-voltage amplifier and breakout system. The breakout board, which joins the controller and amplifier, provides an easy way to connect the power stack using Molex and D-sub connectors, the company says. These connectors can be field-terminated with hand tools or integrated into OEM factory wiring harnesses. 
The amplifier interfaces MOSFET technology to the Turbo PMAC’s control algorithms. Each axis can be configured individually in software to drive a DC brush motor, a three-phase brushless motor or a two-phase stepper motor (with or without encoder feedback). PWM switching frequencies can be set as high as 40 kHz. Air exposure on the heat sink provides sufficient cooling, so no dedicated fans are required, the company says.