Gateways Feature Concentrator, Redundancy Functions

IMTS 2018: Mencom’s Modbus Gateway series of serial-to-ethernet converters features one to 16 serial ports and mounting options such as DIN-rail, Field Mount and Rack-Mount.


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Mencom’s Modbus gateways are serial-to-Ethernet converters featuring one to 16 serial ports and mounting options such as DIN-rail, Field Mount and Rack Mount. The gateways convert Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP and require almost no configuring. The wireless versions enable high-speed wireless communication for Modbus protocols. The gateways are enhanced with harsh environment operational capability, vibration resistance, power or serial port isolation for equipment and device protection, and redundant power supplies.

A data concentrator function improves responsiveness for the series. This function enables gateways to automatically poll intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) at specified intervals and store the data in their internal memories. Once a master device sends a request, return data will be retrieved. The master device therefore may need just one connection and one query to get all data at once.

Mencom offers an additional redundancy feature for its gateways that can be implemented via a communication protocol. In the event of a network breakdown, this feature enables one of the reachable gateways to take over communication with the master device, relay the link back to the master and send out a link failure message. If a serial link failure occurs, the secondary gateway will autonomously poll the missing data and update the primary gateway’s memory. This feature reduces downtime and provides protection against external accident or failure.