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Grinding Tool For Long-Reach Applications

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Dynabrade’s line of extension die grinders is designed to work within long pipes, castings and other areas requiring an extended reach. The 1-hp, straight-line air tools are equipped with a rear exhaust motor. They available in either 3,400-rpm or 18,000-rpm models in lengths of 19 3/4", 28 1/8" and 36 1/2". Designed to reduce vibration, the grinder’s tool extensions do not spin during tool use, eliminating the need for continuous tightening.


Each unit features a safety-lock lever to prevent accidental start-up. The tools run at 80 dB to reduce sound in the workplace, and an optional overhose assembly can further reduce noise levels by as much as 5 dB. In addition, the overhose redirects exhaust away from the operator and the workpiece. The tools can also be fitted with optional buffing pads, collets, inserts and cone/plug wheels.