Hand-Held Tool Transfers G-Code Programs

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Designed for machine tool setup, maintenance and programming personnel, the CncGcoder is a hand-held tool used for backing up, editing and transferring CNC machine tool G-code programs. The latest model, the CncGcoder HDx, combines all features of the standard CncGcoder HD pakcage with a new, ergonomic right-angle design, the company says. This model is constructed with heavy-duty industrial wire, providing reliable connections even after millions of bends and flexes, the company says. Additionally, standard USB support allows the device to use flash drives, USB hard disks, keyboards, mice and bar-code readers.   The device features a PC-compatible file system that allows users to store and organize G-code programs in unlimited directories. The USB jack and integrated SD card slot offers virtually limitless memory capabilities and enables users to directly transfer files between the device and any PC, the company says. The tool is resistant to liquid, dust and shock. According to the company, it can withstand a 4-ft drop without damage. The keypad layout is designed like a CNC to enable quick program edits. 

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