Hexagon's RS6 3D Laser Scanner Can Measure at Higher Accuracy While Maintaining Speed


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Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s RS6 3D laser scanner is designed for use with the Absolute Arm seven-axis portable measuring arm system. The scanner offers high-density point-cloud data collection at high speeds, according to the company. The RS6 is said to improve productivity through the introduction of Shine, a set of algorithms that enables measurement at high quality and accuracy settings with no reduction in laser scan line width or scanning frame rate.

The RS6’s scan line measures 150 mm wide at mid-range, representing an increase in surface area covered by each scan movement compared to the previous-generation Absolute Arm scanner. The scanner also measures faster than its predecessor, with a threefold increase in frame rate to 300 Hz.

The scanner can be quickly removed from an arm to allow for easier handling when not in use. Because of its repeatable mounting system, it can be remounted quickly without being recalibrated, the company says. The scanner also includes a laser targeting grid designed to simplify measuring alignment.


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