High-Performance Finishing End Mill Features Multiple Flutes

SGS Tool Company's Multi-Carb high-performance end mill is available with seven, nine or 11 flutes.

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SGS Tool Company’s Multi-Carb high-performance end mill incorporates a large number of flutes to increase stability and high-feed finishing capabilities in challenging materials such as titanium, stainless steel and high-temperature alloys. The end mills are designed for applications in which surface finish and tolerance are critical factors, the company says. Specific applications include aerospace structure components; ferrous housings, pumps and manifolds; defense applications; and various medical components.
The odd flute-count design is said to enable smoother cutting performance and increased tool life while improving productivity, quality and cost efficiencies. The end mill is available with seven, nine or 11 flutes to control natural harmonics while staggering entry and exit of the cutting edges.

The finishing end mills are manufactured using high-performance raw materials and are coated with Ti-NAMITE-A (AlTiN) to further increase tool life and performance at high temperatures.  

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