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High-Speed, High-Productivity Tapping Center

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Hyundai WIA combines years of expertise with the latest technology in designing the i-CUT400 series of compact tapping centers that maximize productivity while maintaining rigidity and accuracy.

Here are the i-CUT 400 series basics:

  • High-Speed direct spindle: 12,000 [15,000] rpm for the i-CUT400T and 24,000 rpm for the i-CUT400M

  • Spindle acceleration/deceleration time of 1.6 sec. (up to 24,000 rpm)

  • Rapid traverse rate of 56 m/min. [2,205 ipm] on all axes with acceleration of 1.27 G

  • Synchronized tapping at 6,000 rpm

  • Total weight reduced compared to previous models through structural analysis (2.2 ton)

High-Precision Dual Contact Spindle—Increased Productivity and Accuracy

The Big Plus spindle system (BBT #30) provides dual contact between the spindle face and the flange face of the toolholder. This increases tool rigidity, reduces runout and adds significant productivity to machining applications. The increase in standard diameter improves stiffness and ATC repeatability, and Z-axis displacement prevention further extends tool life.

The main spindle is designed with angular contact ball bearings to increase rigidity and prevent thermal displacement. The maximum spindle speed of 24,000 rpm makes various types of machining possible. While in reverse rotation, the Double Speed Return function reduces processing time.

  • Synchronized Tapping: quick and accurate tapping enhances precision and tool life

  • Through Spindle Coolant: increases the lifetime of the tool while decreasing cycle time

ATC and Magazine—Increased Stability with Servo

The 14-tool armless-type magazine is provided as standard and the 21-tool armless-type magazine is provided as an option. Due to the decrease of tool-change time, non-cutting time is minimized. A servomotor on the ATC reduces tool-change time and provides accurate tool positioning control to increase cutting stability. 

Hyundai-iTrol—Increased Control and Greater Convenience

The iTrol is a powerful CNC platform for machine tools. This technology takes the operator to a higher level with the new controller’s convenient functions:

  • Smart system operation preparation for warmup and current machine status

  • Quick and easy machining support provides program check, tool measurement and coordinates system setup in consecutive order to prevent error

  • Tool and spindle monitoring facilitates tool management, spindle protection and factory automation

  • Communication function allows easy input/output of program with memory cards

  • Energy-saving function saves energy and optimizes machining with the MCP button

Learn more about Hyundai WIA’s next generation machining tools at IMTS 2016, booth #S-8948, and visit the company’s imts.com showroom.


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