HMC Designed for Rapid Metal Removal for Aerospace, Automotive

Doosan Machine Tools introduces the NHP horizontal machining center series, built for rapid metal removal rates.


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Doosan Machine Tools introduces the NHP horizontal machining center series, built for rapid metal removal rates. Designed to meet the manufacturing demands of industries such as automotive and aerospace, the 400-mm pallet NHP 4000 and the 500-mm pallet NHP 5000 are feature-rich yet configurable for a range of applications. The NHP machines come with a 15,000-rpm spindle with 40 hp and 169 foot-pounds of torque. For heavy cutting, a high-torque 15,000-rpm spindle with 223 foot-pounds is available, and a 20,000-rpm spindle is in development for customers with higher-speed precision applications.

Acceleration and deceleration of 1 G on the X, Y and Z axes significantly enhances productivity, the company says, delivering productivity increases as high as 25 percent over the previous model. Ballscrew shaft and bearing cooling systems keep axis temperatures stable, ensuring precision.

The random-access, disc-type tool magazine enables 0.9-sec. tool-to-tool change times and 2.3-sec. chip-to-chip times. In addition to minimizing non-cutting time, this design is also said to reduce vibration, resulting in more stable operation.

In optimizing the construction of the machine, the footprint of the NHP has been reduced by 15 percent compared to the previous model, yet the machining area has been expanded by 24 percent. Center-through-bed chip management evacuates large volumes of chips quickly for enhanced efficiency.

The pallets can accommodate loads ranging to 400 kg (880 lbs), for the NHP 4000 and 500 kg (1,100 lbs) for the NHP 5000. Both through-pallet and overhead hydraulic fixturing options are available. Additionally, the automatic pallet changer has been improved for faster indexing time. 


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