Hobbing Machines for Dry Cutting Applications



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Star SU offers the Bourn and Koch 400 H seven-axis horizontal hobbing machine featuring a FANUC CNC and point-to-point array hobbing capability. The machine is designed for longer spline shafts as well as spur and helical gears ranging to 400 mm in diameter and 6.4 module. The machine can be configured for dry or wet hobbing.

The company also offers the FFG Werke Modul H200 vertical hobbing machine designed for dry cutting applications for small automotive applications, with the option of using oil or emulsion. According to the company, chips are cleanly conveyed from the work area by means of a chute, which is designed to prevent any buildup. The hob head is housed within the tool column, which is tightly fastened to the sturdy machine bed. The tailstock is located on the tool column above the hob head, designed to leave the work area free for workpiece loading and unloading operations.


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