HyperMill 2019.2 Saves Time on Finishing Processes


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Open Mind Technologies’ HyperMill 2019.2 includes high-precision 3D finishing, five-axis tangent machining, high-performance turning and CAD-for-CAM technologies.

When using the 3D shape Z-level finishing cycle, HyperMill 2019.2 now provides a “high precision surface mode” option that is said to ensure smooth surfaces with tolerances in the micron range. This saves time on post-machining finishing processes, especially for mold makers. A “smooth overlap” function improves surface finish because the transition regions for steep and shallow machining have a small overlap and a slightly lifted cutter.

The HyperCAD-S “global fitting” function is directly integrated into the CAM program for five-axis tangent machining. With this function, multiple faces can be joined into one face with a controlled ISO orientation. The principle of using CAD elements for CAM programming is also applied to an automatic face extension where the bounding surfaces are automatically extended during programming to improve the edges of the machined surfaces.

Version 2019.2 offers process reliability for high-performance turning by providing tool life monitoring which restricts tool use by the distance covered, the number of tool paths or a time limit. If the defined limit is reached, a retract macro is generated automatically and the job ends.


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