Speed Increasers Reduce Spindle Wear, Tear


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Platinum Tooling Technologies is now importing Henninger speed increasers for North American customers. Spindle speeder types include mechanical, air and electric motor-driven styles. The speed increasers maximize productivity by achieving the higher spindle rpm required for certain applications, according to the company. In addition, they are said to reduce wear and tear on the machine’s spindle when it is not required to run at its maximum speed.

Mechanical speeders are available with gear ratios ranging to 1-8 and with a maximum speed of 50,000 rpm. Air speeders can run continuously at up to 80,000 rpm, and high-frequency motor spindles can maintain up to 80,000 rpm with high torque. The latter also have variable speed options. Many of the speeders have automatic tool-change capabilities. Modular design promotes flexibility, according to the company.