In-Process Correction Technology Added for Hybrid Metal 3D Printer

An In-Process Correction system increases the precision of both additive and subtractive processes inside Sodick’s OPM metal 3D printing hybrid platform. 


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Sodick has developed a new In-Process Correction system for its OPM hybrid metal 3D printer. Using a CCD camera installed within the machine, the In-Process system aligns the OPM’s 500-W fiber laser and 45,000-rpm spindle, and automatically corrects their positions and performs realignments when they become due in the maintenance cycle.

The company says the system improves the precision of both the laser sintering and milling processes, reduces the frequency of maintenance, and ensures greater process accuracy. The improved accuracy of the machine further makes it possible to program a smaller offset, ultimately reducing the amount of machining time required by as much as 25 percent. The system is said to enable producing parts faster and more reliably with less frequent maintenance.