Inspection Software Includes GD&T Tool

InspectionXpert offers InspectionXpert for PDF 2012 and InspectionXpert OnDemand 2012.

InspectionXpert offers InspectionXpert for PDF 2012 and InspectionXpert OnDemand 2012. Both work with PDF/TIFF files created from virtually any source, including scanned drawings, to quickly and accurately turn engineering drawings into ballooned inspection drawings and quality inspection forms, the company says.

Users can now cut, copy and paste balloons and characteristics, and drag-and-drop reordering of characteristics in the table manager eases make revisions and changes. A GD&T builder tool provides more options for working with geometric tolerances in inspection reports. Additional sub types and units, such as torque, temperature, voltage, electrical capacitance, and others, are available for more comprehensive reports. Grids can be customized across multiple pages using grid setup options and interface. A hide captures feature hides captured dimensions to show what might have been missed, the company says. OCR capabilities have been added to the bill of materials and specifications tabs. 

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