Light Curtains, Grids Protect Workers

ABB Jokab Safety offers Focus II light curtains and grids.

ABB Jokab Safety, a business unit of ABB's Low Voltage Product division, offers Focus II light curtains and grids. According to the company, these updated versions of its Focus products protect personnel from potentially hazardous machinery, robots and automated systems by creating a protection field with infrared beams. If the beams are interrupted, a safety mechanism immediately stops the machinery. The light curtains are designed for inner area protection close to machinery with multiple beams placed 14 to 30 mm apart, while the light grids protect areas farther away from machinery and consist of two to four beams placed 200 to 500 mm apart.

The Focus II products consist of two optical units, a transmitter and a receiver, which are continuously scanned to detect any objects that break the optical barrier. If a light beam is interrupted, the dangerous machine movement is stopped. The reaction time ranges from 14 to 45 milliseconds, depending on the number of beams in the light curtain or grid. Five LEDs in the receiver and two in the transmitter show the status of the light barrier.

The light curtains and grids feature quick connects and custom adjustable brackets for ease of installation. Flexible, built-in muting capabilities feature inputs for partial or complete muting, and a muting override function makes it possible to bypass the light barrier. Floating banking makes it possible to disconnect a defined number of beams from the safety field, enabling an object to cross the optical barrier without triggering the safety function.

The light grids and curtains are suitable for a variety of applications, including mechanical and hydraulic power presses, automated machinery and manufacturing cells, welding equipment, machining centers, and more.

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