Marposs Launches Remote Testing and Acceptance Service

Marposs launches remote testing and acceptance service for real-time testing and adjustments.


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Marposs remote video conferencing testing service

Marposs has announced its real-time Remote Testing and Acceptance Service, enabling customers to participate in live testing, review and acceptance of their machines, gauges and applications without having to travel — allowing work to continue in an efficient manner.

“The manufacturing industry is often criticized for a lack of modernization. With the pandemic preventing the ability to meet in-person, companies must adopt new technologies,” commented Matteo Zoin, Marposs, Head of Marketing and New Market Development. “We are living in a challenging time and to stay competitive requires aggressively moving into the digital space.”

Tests for North American customers are run at Marposs’ Technology Labs in Auburn Hills, MI, Fremont, CA, or at HQs in Europe. Sessions livestreamed through the Zoom Conference platform are supported by video cameras and wireless equipment to ensure a highly detailed and accurate experience. Customers can provide immediate feedback and any requested alterations can be made in real-time.