Material-Handling AGV Charges on Its Own


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Creform has introduced the 2-ton Super NSI model CA-Z40200-NSI, the company’s highest-capacity tunneling tugger automated guided vehicle (AGV). The Super NSI has auto-reversing and 180-degree pivoting capabilities, useful in space-restrictive applications. The AGV can be programmed with as many as 50 courses. It uses a touchscreen human-machine interface (HMI), RFID readers installed adjacent to the guide path and a 5-Ghz wireless radio for traffic control. 

The unit meets safety category 3 requirements, comes with a laser scanner for obstacle detection, a flashing light and audible warning capabilities to alert nearby workers. It has a maximum speed of 40 m/min. A powered hitch enables automatic coupling and uncoupling. 

The AGV comes with a 24-V system, powered by two 100-AH, 12-V AGM batteries. An opportunity-charging system eliminates the need for an operator to change batteries and to take the time to service the batteries consistently. With each circuit of the guide path, batteries are automatically charged by pulling into a charging station positioned along the route, eliminating the need for human intervention. Automatic charging is part of the normal AGV course program. The vehicle pulls into charging position and lowers the charging probes to contact the conductor plates embedded in the floor. The smart charger evaluates the battery’s condition and then turns on the charger for a quick battery boost. If an especially low battery condition is detected, the system has a loop whereby an AGV can pull off and have extra time for the batteries to charge.