Mazak’s FJV-35/80 VMC Offers High Precision for Large Workpieces


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Mazak FJV-35/80

Mazak’s FJV-35/80 double-column VMC is designed to provide high precision over extended periods of operation with intelligent CNC functions and rigid construction. Suitable for industries such as aerospace, construction, die/mold and heavy machinery, the FJV-35/80 accommodates workpieces weighing up to 6,614 lbs on its 88.19" × 29.53" worktable. The machining center’s design eliminates the spindle overhang often incorporated in C-frame vertical machining centers and facilitates convenient loading/unloading of large workpieces.

The FJV-35/80 can be equipped with a 50-taper, 50 hp, 10,000-rpm integrated spindle that generates up to 433 foot-pounds of torque for cutting large cast iron, steel and aluminum workpieces. Other options include a 7,000-rpm high-torque spindle for heavy-duty machining of steel or cast iron as well as an 18,000-rpm CAT 40 spindle for efficient machining of aluminum and other nonferrous materials.

The XYZ machine axis travels measure 78.74", 31.50" and 25.98", respectively. Rapid traverse speeds are 1,574 ipm in the X and Y axes and 1,181 ipm in the Z axis. A 30-tool magazine helps reduce setup time and enables use of redundant tooling for unattended production.

With the machine’s Mazatrol SmoothG CNC, users can generate programs for processing complex parts through off-centerline machining as well as angled drilling, milling and tapping. It uses EIA/ISO and Mazatrol conversational languages in addition to advanced programming functions.