Midaco Hydraulic Docking System Requires No Hoses

Midaco has updated its automatic pallet changer system with a simple-to-use hydraulic docking system that requires no hose management.


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A partial press photo showing a machine shop employee placing items on Midaco's automatic pallet changer with a hydraulic docking system

Midaco has updated its automatic pallet changer with a new hydraulic docking system. This docking system automatically clamps and unclamps fixtures and vises on the pallet and sends them into the machining center without requiring the use of hoses.

Whenever users place new parts onto the pallet, the hydraulic docking system locks fixtures or vises into place via the touch screen control panel on the automatic pallet changer, and these clamping fixtures or vises stay charged on the pallet while in the machining center. When a pallet comes out of the machining center, it locks back into the hydraulic docking station and automatically releases fixtures or vises, allowing quick replacement of parts. Midaco particularly recommends the new hydraulic docking system for unattended robot or cobot applications.

In terms of specifications, Midaco says the hydraulic docking system has a power unit providing 3000 psi at 1 gpm; a 2-hp, 230/460V three-phase motor; four ports in and out; a quick disconnect system; and automated clamping through the pallet changer control panel. The system performs hydraulic clamping without hoses and does not include fixtures and vises.

Midaco’s application engineers are able to help potential users select the right automatic pallet changer model and hydraulic docking station for their applications, and the company says its service department is able to answer any questions once the automatic pallet changer is up and running. The company says its solutions can eliminate unnecessary spindle downtime for shops no matter whether they are machining lot sizes in the thousands or doing small-lot prototype work.


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