Multi-Function Tool Drills, Chamfers, Thread Mills Holes


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The MT drill from Carmex is designed to drill, chamfer and thread mill a hole in a single operation. Made with solid carbide, the two-flute drill/thread milling cutter, with 45-degree chamfering, reduces cycle times by combining operations and eliminating tool changes.

Ideal for mass production operations, the tool features both right- and left-hand internal threads, and the same tool can be used for blind or through-hole drilling. The optimized carbide grade is appropriate for aluminum and cast iron, producing a high-quality thread surface. Featuring internal coolant channels, the tool is constructed for long life over multiple applications. It is available in a variety of configurations and sizes.

The multi-function tool is said to be an effective way to promote production economy, the company says. It is designed not only to save tool-change time but enable manufacturers to achieve more predictable results and improved quality control. 


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