Multitasking Turning Center Offers 18" Chuck, Heavy-Duty Machining


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Mazak’s QTN 450M turning center with multitasking “Done In One” capabilities is said to boost productivity and reduce cycle times for large-diameter, shaft-type part manufacturing in industries such as oil and gas. The machine provides high-performance and value through its single-setup turning and milling operations that enable improved throughput. The machine is equipped with a 457-mm (18") chuck mounted on a 50-hp, 2,000-rpm main turning spindle with integrated motor for heavy-duty metal removal. The spindle is a full-function, CNC-controlled C axis for milling, and it indexes at 0.0001-degree increments to accurately position parts for square facing and slotting cuts as well as precisely drilled holes.

With a 12-position drum turret and 10-hp, 4,000-rpm rotary tool spindle, the machine performs milling, drilling and tapping operations for efficient single-setup part processing.

Mazak’s Mazatrol SmoothX CNC is said to enable faster and easier programming in either EIA or Mazatrol conversational, contributing to overall shorter part cycle times. It features several advanced functions that include High Gain Feed Forward Control, Fast Rotary Axis Speeds, Variable Acceleration Control and Intelligent Pocket Milling.


  • The Big Niche

    Expertise and the right equipment for machining large components for oilfield and other industries enable this shop to succeed despite fluctuating economic conditions.

  • Continuous Improvement Requires Continuous Effort

    So-called “busywork” hones natural instincts for reform as a specialist CNC machine shop adapts a more formalized methodology.

  • Custom CAM Add-ins Automate Threading

    The ability to create custom add-ins using the Esprit CAM system’s API and Microsoft’s Visual Basic has significantly reduced thread programming times at this manufacturer of oil and gas industry components.