Newest Innovation Redefining Gear Manufacturing

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The conventional gear manufacturing process of moving a single part to individual machines for turning, hobbing, shaping, chamfering and drilling significantly increases the chances of concentricity error. Toyoda’s innovation takes these processes, traditionally spread across separate machines, and integrates them into one machine while utilizing high-speed synchronization to produce parts with more accuracy, less time, cost and risk to the manufacturer.

The GS200H is the newest addition to Toyoda’s multitasking machining center lineup featuring the latest in cutting-edge gear skiving technology. The ultra-compact machine uses significantly less floor space when compared to conventional gear machining methods, making it the ideal choice for high production lines. With loading doors installed in the front and on the side of the machine, the customer has the flexibility needed to support automation tailored to their production floor’s layout.

Toyoda’s award winning high-speed axis synchronization technology increases productivity, minimizes risk, and improves machining accuracy by completing all gear machining processes in a single chuck grasp. The Toyopuc control enables highly accurate simultaneous synchronization of the spindle and workhead axes. The GS200H’s high-speed workhead, derived from Toyoda’s camshaft and crankshaft grinding machines, can withstand high-speed rotation of 3,000 rpm to enable turning in addition to skiving and hobbing. The technology found on the GS200H yields unsurpassed gear accuracy while adding value of process integration all within a single machine.

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