Northfield Precision Instrument Releases Tubeless Air Chuck

With no air tube or hose, Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation’s Pressure-Lok air chucks can see use in more places than traditional air chucks.


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A press photo of Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation's Pressure-Lok system

Northfield Precision Instrument Corporation has developed a brand-new chucking system that requires no air tubes or hoses. Users charge these Pressure-Lok air chucks using a special handle. Users can then mount them to rotary tables with no through-hole, tombstones, pallets or transfer systems. Northfield recommends the Pressure-Lok air chuck for any machining operation that does not have an air tube near the machine. These air chucks hold air pressure for over two weeks.

Northfield Precision Instrument chucks are available in SAE or metric, with sizes from 3” (76 mm) to 18” (457 mm), guaranteeing accuracies between 0.001” (.0254 mm) and 0.00001” (0.000254 mm).


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