Pneumatic Die Grinder Accesses Small Part Features


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Norton | Saint-Gobain Abrasives has introduced the Norton pneumatic die grinder designed to accomplish quickly and comfortably a range of portable grinding applications without the need to change machines. The company says its die grinder will enhance the performance of many of its own abrasive products, such as mounted points, flap wheels, traditional specialties such as cartridge rolls and its Norton carbide burrs.

The tool offers a reduction in vibrations attributed to the grinder's double-bearing spindle, resulting in longer tool life and finer finishes. Operators can adjust the speed regulator, giving them complete control of the surface finish needed to complete the job. An ergonomic and streamlined non-slip grip promotes better tool handling, increases comfort and reduces grinding fatigue. The grinder is small and lightweight for additional control, with the ability to get into small features in parts.

The die grinder has a free speed of 25,000 rpm, designed to make quick work of deburring, light to medium surface cleaning and stock removal applications, welding preparation, and finishing. Key industries for the die grinder include metal fabrication, MRO, foundry, shipbuilding, aviation and automotive.


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