PostWorks 17.2 Generates NC Code for Variety of Machines


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NCCS Corp.’s PostWorks 17.2 is a universal postprocessor that generates NC code for a variety of machines. The software is compatible with Heidenhain, Siemens and FANUC controls.

The PostWorks suite includes software to simulate the material removal process and machine kinematics while identifying possible interferences between all relevant components in the machining environment.

Version 17.2 updates the CLRSRF/START,TRFORM,ON command that enables the transformation of the clearance plane through the matrix defined by the external Machine Adjustment File (MAF). The CLRSRF clipping planes retract logic so the tool can be retracted when CLRSRF/STOP or NOMORE are encountered, and the standard retract move can be omitted when the tool moves less than a specified distance between clip plane intersection locations.

This version can also create a tape break sequence when a set number of tape blocks are outputted. The word SEQNO in tape break mode now has added support. The punch file can now be withheld when an APT source input error is encountered. In previous versions, a punch file could only be withheld upon encountering a regular processing error.