Rego-Fix's reCool ERax Gives Lathes Coolant Capability

Rego-Fix’s reCool ERax is designed to give conventional lathes coolant-through capabilities with minimal interference and minimal loss of machining range.


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Rego-Fix ERax reCool coolant-through system

Rego-Fix Tool Corporation has announced several additions to its toolholding product inventory, including the reCool ERax, an expanded range of PowRGrip ANSI tap collets, and a PowRGrip for WTO QuickFlex quick-change system

The reCool ERax is designed for driven tools with externally threaded nuts and is designed to give conventional lathes coolant-through capabilities in minutes with minimal additional interference and a loss of only 10 mm of machining range. ReCool enables driven tools and turning machines to be retrofitted for coolant through functionality, improving tool life and productivity. The company says reCool ERax performs best during through-tool and peripheral cooling using emulsion and oil coolants.

Now available with ANSI sizes for the PG15 and PG25 series, the expanded range of PowRGrip ANSI tap collets are designed to deliver high surface quality and complete process security for challenging tapping operations. The tap collets are fully compatible with existing PowRGrip holders and require shanks with tolerances of h9 or better. Manufactured with an internal square, they are suited for use on CNC machines with synchronized machine spindle speeds and feed rates.

Rego-Fix has also partnered with tooling system manufacturer WTO GmbH to develop a line of PowRGrip holders for QuickFlex quick-change driven toolholders for live turning systems. Featuring an ER-based back end and a thread-and-nut design, the adapters are available in PG15 and PG25 sizes for the QuickFlex 25, 32 and 40 Series.

A new PowRGrip short-tail collet has been designed to accommodate the shorter length of the QuickFlex adapter, which the company says will ensure low runout and a high level of process security. These systems are fully compatible with standard PowRGrip clamping units and are available in most imperial and metric sizes.

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