Rotary Table Delivers Fourth-Axis Productivity

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The GSI CNC-251R rotary indexing table from CNC Indexing & Feeding Technologies is is said to be designed for companies that want to add fourth-axis productivity at minimal cost. The table provides quality clamping torque and indexing accuracy, the company says. It is also compact, taking up minimal space in the machining envelope.   The indexing table has a 9.84" diameter and holds as much as 660 lbs. The table offers a 2.05" through-hole diameter and center height of 7.28". According to the company, long-term indexing accuracy is ensured by the combination of a bronze/nickel worm wheel and a case-hardened steel worm screw. In addition, a multiple-point pneumatic brake system delivers clamping torque and ensures smooth machining without deflection under heavy load.