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Rotary Tables for High Speed Machining


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The TDE-T series of rotary tables from LCM is designed to complement milling, drilling, boring, grinding and multitasking machines. Available in six standard sizes ranging from 270 to 1,000 mm in diameter, the rotary tables provide rapid and efficient fourth-axis machining capability, the company says. Additionally, they are fitted with a fast-acting clamping system that facilitates high speed, heavy-duty static machining operations with rapid, piece-part positioning. 
The tables use the company’s compact “in-built” direct-drive motor to rotate bi-directionally at instantly variable speeds ranging to 150 rpm. According to the company, the drive system provides greater acceleration and braking than conventional tables, and they take up less space in the machine work zone.
All models are equipped with a high-accuracy, double-sealed encoder mounted directly to the table axle, virtually eliminating backlash and reducing positioning error, the company says.
For ease of setup and rapid change-over, all tables are prepared with a precision, center “pilot” bore for absolute fixture location. The tables also feature combination “T” and alignment slots for fixture orientation and mounting, plus a through-hole for a media supply when needed.


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