Rotating Head Cut-Off Machine for Difficult-to-Process Materials

Bardons & Oliver introduces its RH-700 rotating head cut-off machine.


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Bardons & Oliver introduces its RH-700 rotating head cut-off machine. In contrast to a conventional lathe, the machine holds the material stationary while the cutting tools rotate. Lathe-style cut-off techniques can be used for a broad range of applications, and difficult-to-process materials, such as irregular tubes and bars, can be processed more efficiently, the company says.
The machine is designed to achieve 45 to 50 in.2/min. of high-production, heavy-wall tube processing. It can use four tools simultaneously for increased efficiency. The machine provides a constant feed rate and minimizes non-cut time by tailoring material handling equipment to the process. According to the company, material loss is decreased through the machine’s precision length tolerance control.

The machine features a rotating head with four precision-built hardened tool steel cut-off slides and gibs with 8620 alloy steel bases mounted onto the rotating head. It is equipped with a quick setup tube loader, an optional mist coolant system and a central lubrication system.  

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