Scytec DataXchange Accounts for Planned Downtime


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Version 2019.01.15 of Scytec’s DataXchange machine monitoring system, available from Shop Floor Automations, incorporates new features based on user feedback. 

Users wanting to properly track scheduled downtime can now plan for specific downtime in the shop. They can schedule holidays, plant shutdowns, planned maintenance and more. These planned downtimes will automatically be recorded and reported on.  

Users can also now import the current part, ideal times and work orders by using an  import template. Once that information is in the system, they can see real-time data regarding work orders as well as historical information.  

For shops with older equipment, the hardware can be added to legacy machines to monitor electrical signals. These signals alert users if the machine is running or not. 

Other modifications have been made to Focas connectivity, charts and reports, RTV screens, user events and more.


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