Seco Expands JETI Technology for General ISO Turning


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Seco JETI toolholders

Seco Tools has expanded its Jetstream Tooling Integrated (JETI) technology with a range of toolholders for general ISO turning. Internal coolant delivery can improve tool life, the company says, while the elimination of external hoses and a single-screw insert clamp design can reduce setup and indexing times.

Toolholders equipped with Jetstream Tooling Duo feature a second coolant outlet from the clearance side that can be turned on or off depending on part-processing requirements. As a result, Seco says, manufacturers can achieve higher cutting performance without impacting application security for ISO-S, ISO-M or ISO-P turning applications.

First introduced for MDT, X4, 150.10 and Snap-Tap holders, the expanded range of JETI for general ISO holders includes 182 new products for all inch, metric and Seco-Capto holders.


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