Slant-Bed Lathe Features Rigid Box Ways

Suited for mixed-volume, short-run or dedicated high-volume applications, Chevalier’s FBL-360 lathe features a 45-degree slant bed with rigid boxways and programmable tailstock.


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Chevalier’s FBL-360 lathe is said to be well-suited for mixed-volume, short-run or dedicated high-volume applications. The lathe features a 45-degree slant bed with rigid boxways and programmable tailstock. Other features include a 15" hydraulic chuck, 4.5" bar capacity, 30.3" maximum swing, 22.4" maximum turning diameter and 80" maximum turning length. Ribbed Meehanite cast iron mono-block casting with hardened and ground, hand-scraped slideways are designed to resist deflection and vibration during heavy machining and ensure stable end-to-end cutting of long shafts.

The lathe features a 35-hp, AC digital spindle motor with a two-speed gearbox. It turns at speeds ranging to 2,500 rpm and produces 735 foot-pounds of torque at lower rpms. Travel measures 12.6" in the X axis and 78" in the Z axis, and rapid traverse measures 708 ipm. X- and Z-axis positioning accuracy is ±0.0002", while repeatability is ±0.0001". The 10-position servo-indexing turret offers 0.5 sec. tool indexing time. The OD shank measures 1.25" and the boring bar holds up to 2.5".

Other features include a 12", three-jaw hydraulic chuck, a chip conveyor, a coolant system with movable coolant tank and a central lubrication system. 


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