Sodick's 10-Foot Wide Sinker EDM Applies Linear Axes for High Precision

Sodick introduces the AG200L, its largest sinker EDM at nearly 10 feet wide with a work tank 15-percent larger than the AQ20L.


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Sodick’s AG200L is its largest sinker EDM at nearly 10 ft. wide with a worktank 15 percent larger than the AQ20L. The AG200L is designed for simplified operability so that users of the smaller AG100L and AG80L models can more easily add the AG200L to their capabilities.

The AG200L’s rigid cast iron construction improves stability and reduces deflection with heavy workpieces. As a large-size sinker EDM with linear motor drives, the AG200L is well-suited for burning high-precision features such as ribs and subgates into large molds, the company says.

Standard AG200L specifications include a worktank size of 118" × 70.8" × 37.4” and X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measuring 78.7" × 47.2" × 31.5”. All axes are driven by Sodick’s rigid linear motors with glass scale positioning feedback.


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