Software Updates Simplify Tool Data Management

IMTS 2018: TDM Systems is showcasing its tool data management software including TDM 2018, TDM Global Line 2018 and TDM Cloud Line.


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TDM Systems is showcasing its tool data management software including TDM 2018, TDM Global Line 2018 and TDM Cloud Line, demonstrating how its latest software modules and cloud-based tools can be used in a smart factory to record and manage production resources.

In TDM 2018, functions and interfaces such as data import, data handling and graphics editing have been optimized to save the user time. TDM Global Line 2018’s TDM Shopfloor Manager and TDM Machine Process Control (MPC) modules ensure more transparency at the manufacturing level. The software also features 3D tool assembly, which simplifies building tools in 3D and can be used to manage the tool crib efficiently.

The TDM Cloud Line has been added to the company’s product range to make tool data management more accessible for smaller companies. The software’s entry-level JobShop and TDM Cloud Line tooling solutions enable companies such as contract manufacturers to optimize their plans and the use of their tools. 


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