Solid-State Laser Offers Fiber Option

Trumpf’s 2D TruLaser 5030 fiber features a 5,000-W TruDisk laser.

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Trumpf’s 2D TruLaser 5030 fiber features a 5,000-W TruDisk laser. The solid-state laser cutting machine is designed to achieve high cutting speeds in thin sheet, including nonferrous metals such as copper and brass, while maintaining the ability to cut thicker material through the BrightLine fiber option. According to the company, the TruDisk resonator enhances cut quality and improves cutting speeds.

The machine’s working range is 3,000 × 1,500 × 115 mm, and it can accommodate workpieces weighing as much as 900 kg. Maximum axis speed is 265 m/min., simultaneous. The universal cutting head provides two-stage collision protection, and the automated roof hatch provides accessibility for maintenance. The BrightLine fiber option enables processing stainless steel and aluminum sheets as thick as 25 mm.  According to the company, the “flying optic” concept minimizes scrap and enables low-scratch processing. The laser cutting machine also is equipped with a Siemens Sinumerik 840D SL control.

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