Starrag Bumotec Enables Single Set-Up Medical Manufacturing

Starrag’s Bumotec s181 and s191 machining centers have given Shanghai Medical Instruments the manufacturing flexibility and speed to maintain a 50% market share in China for medical instruments.


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A photo of a machinist at Shanghai Medical Instruments using a Starrag Bumotec machine

Starrag’s Bumotec multi-axis, multi-tasking machining centers have helped the Shanghai Medical Instruments Group maintain its 50% market share in China and expand into minimally invasive instruments. Shanghai Medical Instruments credits the Bumotec machines’ ability to finish-machine up to six faces in a single set-up, as well as the five-axis Bumotec s181’s ability to boost productivity by up to 20% on some parts, as key to its success.

Starrag says its Bumotec machines are capable of producing complex, multi-faceted components from bar up to 65 mm in diameter, and can conduct up to seven-axis simultaneous machining in a single set-up. The manufacturer also says these machining centers are capable of drilling, thread forming, grinding, gearcutting and broaching in addition to turning and milling — and that they produce small, intricate workpieces that come off the machine ready for assembly with no deburring.

The OEM would also like to highlight the Bumotec s191H’s 410-200-400-mm X-Y-Z range and ±2.5-μm accuracy — which the company credits to the machine’s linear drives and thermal stability. The s191H also has a sub-spindle that can turn in both horizontal and vertical planes for multi-process and multi-tasking routines.

Shanghai Medical Instruments has used Bumotec machines to machine a range of 500 different types of minimally invasive and ENT instruments in a single set-up from bar. The company says the Bumotecs especially proved useful in maintaining consistent quality for the relationships between matching parts and features, which had been difficult with separate processes. Additionally, Shanghai Medical Instruments made use of the Bumotecs’ ability to conduct single set-up multi-operations when prototyping. The company praises the Bumotecs’ stability and swift production changeovers, and says their ease-of-use makes them accessible to new members of its production team.


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