Surface Grinder Features Manual Or CNC Operation

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Jones & Shipman says its 524 Easy surface and profile grinder meets the requirements of the production environment as well as the accuracy, setup and change-over demands of the toolroom. With a GE-Fanuc control system and the company’s “Easy” software, the machine is capable of both CNC and manual operation. It can function as a hand/hydraulic-controlled machine with manual dressing and no setup procedures, or it can perform automatic dressing and grinding cycles.


With levels of functionality comparable to CNC, “Easy” models feature setup via the touchscreen and icon-based software. The control can interpolate two axes simultaneously to create complex shapes, angles, radii and surfaces.


The operator can select either manual mode, dress mode or grind cycle mode after at start-up. In manual mode, the work speeds and feeds can be adjusted with the touchscreen if the operator wants to set an area to grind or auto downfeed.  Dress mode offers five standard wheel shape options: flat, slot, facing, Vee form and full ISO. Grind mode allows as many as 20 grind cycles to be linked according the complexity of the component, including plunge, multi plunge, area (intermittent or continuous), face grind, plunge and face, and multi-plunge and face. The machine is available in grinding capacities ranging from 20" × 8" to 40" × 20".