Swiss-Type Lathe Adds B Axis


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The L20 Type XII Swiss-type lathe from Marubeni Citizen-Cincom features B-axis controllable rotary tools for simultaneous complex machining. The B axis offers a 135-degree range, from +90 to -45 degrees. According to the company, the additional axis of control enables milling and drilling of angled features and contours without retooling for resetting. Rotary tools can be used for both front and back machining.

The lathe also is equipped with a removable guide bushing that can be installed for machining long, thin workpieces and removed for shorter workpiece or bar remnants. The spindle’s through-hole measures 26 mm in diameter. Gang rotary tools provide speeds ranging to 6,000 rpm, and back toolpost rotary tools range to 7,500 rpm. The gang toolpost accommodates 26 tools.


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