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2/19/2015 | 1 MINUTE READ

Swiss-Type Lathes Finish Small Workpieces in One Setup

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Yama Seiki’s SW series Swiss-type lathes are designed to accommodate workpieces smaller than 42 mm (1.65").

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Yama Seiki’s SW series Swiss-type lathes are designed to accommodate workpieces smaller than 42 mm (1.65"). Machines in the series include the SW-20, SW-32 and SW-42 models, which provided 20-, 32- and 42-mm maximum machining diameters, respectively. The lathes offer both front- and back-end tooling capability, and can be equipped with a subspindle, live tooling and a bar feeder. They are capable of operations including turning, milling and cross drilling. According to Yama Seiki, the lathes’ combination of power systems, main and subspindle, front-end tooling, C axis, and live tools enables finishing a workpiece in one setup. Two operations can also be machined simultaneously. 

The spindle and servomotors are high-performance FANUC components said to promote machining performance and accuracy. Depending on the application, the side rotary toolholder can select different live tool attachments such as OD grooving, polygon machining or standard rotary toolholder. All axes feature high-accuracy linear guideways to ensure stable movement and positioning. Guideways are also preloaded to avoid backlash that may occur during high-speed turning. An auto-lubrication system delivers metered amounts of lubrication to the slideways, ballscrews and vital components. Distribution is automatically shut off during idling to prevent waste. The machines feature fully enclosed splashguards to keep chips and coolant contained for a safe, clean working environment.


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