Tank-Side Coalescer Skims Tramp Oil, Extends Coolant Life



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The tank-side coalescer in the Eriez Hydroflow line of fluid filtration products is designed to sit behind a machining center and skim free-floating tramp oil out of the coolant. Excess tramp oil leads to smoke, mist and bacterial infestation of metalworking fluids; adversely affects surface finish; and reduces tool and dimensional tolerance control. The coalescer is designed to extend the life of coolants and cleaners, improve machining and preserve valuable tools.

According to the company, the coalescing unit's 1.5 gpm flow rate provides a motionless area not available in a turbulent sump, enabling oils to rise naturally. A submersible pump sits inside the coolant tank and draws coolant into a 15-gal. drum. An adjustable skimmer removes tramp oil off the top layer of coolant, and the clean coolant is returned to the machining center sump through a gravity hose. An oil-belt skimmer, air pump and larger electric pump are also available. 


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