Tool Holding System

The Triplit is a lathe tool holding system, which allows for a combination of up to three O.D. or I.D. tools to be held in a single turret station. The holder has three coolant ported tool pockets that are said to increase tool capacity on any CNC lathe. An Er-11 collet holder is available for drills up to 0.265 diameter and can be used in combination with turning, profiling, threading and grooving tools. Bushings from 1/8" through ½" for end mills and boring bars are also available. The additional tool capacity frees up adjacent turret stations for larger tools. External coolant balls are also provided. The system has attachment holes on three sides to accept the optional indicator stem and a convenience tray snaps into the front to provide a small workbench during setup, right inside the lathe. A tool presetter is said to eliminate the need to reset tool geometries. The system saves setup time, cycle time and allows parts previously requiring rechucking to be machined in a single operation, according to the company.

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