TopSolid 2020 Provides Improvements to CAD and CAM Interoperability

TopSolid 2020 (v 7.14) CAD/CAM software includes several applications that communicate associatively with each other.


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TopSolid 2020 (v 7.14) CAD/CAM software includes several applications that communicate associatively with each other. The software is designed to meet the needs of general mechanics, tooling, machining, sheet metal processing and metalworking applications.

TopSolid'Design 2020 has been expanded with more than 100 new features. A Work Document enables users to prepare and execute multiple tasks (bills of materials, drafting, unfolded parts, machining programs, etc.). The application automatically identifies parts and assemblies to be produced, calculating and assigning manufacturing and mounting indexes to each part of an assembly and maintaining that information throughout the design process. Manufacturing Features (MFs) retain manufacturing information from the design stage to enable programming automation in the manufacturing stage for holes and pockets.

TopSolid'Cam 2020 also offers new features. The BoostMilling machining algorithm is said to calculate tool paths quickly. The Roll-in approach has been extended. Five-axis features include blisk machining and five-axis roughing commands. For Swiss-type machining, the software now simulates simultaneous operations and synchronization.

TopSolid'Mold 2020 improvements simplify the creation of complex parting surfaces. The efficiency of cooling circuits can be visually monitored to anticipate risk areas. The application automates the electrode machining process with the help of the Work Document, which integrates the automatic positioning of the parts on the machine, the generation of tool paths, and the generation of the ISO code and shopfloor documents.

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