Tridex CS1-E ECG Machine Speeds Zirconium Tube Cutoff

Tridex Technology’s CS1-E burr-free electrochemical cutoff machine is designed to increase productivity of zirconium tube cutoff, while reducing costs and fire risks.


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Tridex Technology’s CS1-E burr-free electrochemical cutoff machine is designed to cut zirconium tubes at a fraction of the cost, time and risk of traditional carbide tools. By combining abrasive grinding and electrochemical erosion, electrochemical grinding (ECG) leaves tubes burr-free.

The CS1-E can cut tubes from 0.012" to 3.15" in diameter. At small diameters, the machine can even cut multiple tubes each cycle. Tests conducted by the company’s engineers showed the machine cut five 0.375" diameter tubes burr-free in 40 seconds for productivity gains as much as 90%.

The company says the ECG process produces very little heat and is safer than a lathe cutoff. For added safety and peace of mind, owners can fit the CS1-E with a fire suppression system.

Glebar Customer Care’s Tridex Companion Software for data storage is available for all of the company’s CS1 electrochemical cutoff machines and SG series ECG Surface Grinding Machines with PLC controls. The software converts setups, cuts lists and user programs into Windows files, allowing offline storage and archiving. 


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