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IMTS 2018: Bourn & Koch Inc. adds the 100H-T gear hobber and updated Fellows 10-4 gear shaper to its lineup of gear manufacturing and precision grinding machines.

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Bourn & Koch Inc. has developed the 100H-T gear hobber and the Fellows 10-4 gear shaper for its lineup of gear manufacturing and precision grinding machines.

The Fellows 10-4 gear shaper has been updated with flexure plates and an electronic helical guide. The electronic helical guide enables the programming of helical angles within the company’s human-machine interface. The company also has partnered with Halter Robotics to show the potential of its Easy-Automate enclosure when paired with robotic part handling.

The 100H-T, which produces gears and spline shafts, adds an eight-station turret to the company’s 100-mm horizontal gear hobbing machine to enable turning and hobbing in one setup.

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